Temu™ Product Analysis Tool

Free product data analysis tool for Temu. Help seller find out what's hot product.

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Check Out What can Temu™ Product Analysis Tool Do

Temu™ Product Analysis Tool

Best Sellers

List product analysis statistics,Help seller find out what's hot product.

● Easily calculate the total sales volume, average price, review rating, and average number of reviews of the products on the list
● Easily obtain product list information, support price, sales volume, sales volume, number of reviews, rating sorting, and support one-click download of all product information

Industry Analysis

Gain insight into sales volume and sales distribution across price ranges.

● Easily learn the distribution of products in a specific industry
● Understand the relationship between sales volume and price, and optimize industry product strategies
● Easily obtain product information in the industry and support one-click download of all product information

Temu™ Product Analysis Tool
Temu™ Product Analysis Tool

Store Analysis

Store decision analysis and insight into competitor store information

● Easily obtain store product distribution and gain insight into store decisions
● Statistics of store revenue, understanding of revenue distribution, and discovery of popular products in the store

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our product or service. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us for additional support.

  • THunt is a data analysis tool for PDD cross-border e-commerce platform. It is committed to providing refined operational service support. Based on data analysis, it helps sellers find deficiencies in actual store operations and provides complete services through automated efficiency improvement or function expansion. s solution.
  • Currently supports Temu official list. More features coming soon!

Provide refined operation service support, based on data analysis, help sellers find deficiencies in actual store operations, and provide complete solutions through automated efficiency improvement or function expansion.

THunt updates all hot products daily. Official list & history, product sales price history & basic information, store product list & sales history & collection history

Completely free. It's free with just a simple registration activation.

  • Temu is an e-commerce website that sells low-priced products shipped from China. Temu is a “sister company” of Pinduoduo, and is very hot in the U.S.
  • Temu is legit, but also challenging. Consumers should carefully check product information when using Temu, and pay attention to protect personal information and financial security.

  • Free: The extension is completely free, no need to pay, no need to register, no need to bind credit card, no need to provide any personal information.
  • Simple: The extension is easy to use, no need for complex settings, no need to download any software, no need to install any program, just install the extension in Chrome browser, open Temu product page, click the extension icon to analyze the product.
  • Fast: The extension is fast to run, no need to wait, no need to refresh, no need to jump, just click the extension icon on the Temu product page, and get the product’s data report in a few seconds.
  • Accurate: The extension is accurate in data, no need to guess, no need to estimate, no need to refer, just rely on the extension’s data analysis, and get the product’s real and detailed data information.